Guest Information – Curlew

  1.  Welcome to Curlew, Cleveland Drive, Bigbury on Sea, TQ7 4AY
  2. Important Household Information for Curlew – Keys & Disposal of Rubbish
  3. General Household information
  4. Green Issues
  5. Use of Outdoor Hot Tub
  7. Do’s & Don’ts for Safe use of Jacuzzi/Hot Tub
  8. Hot Tub Controls (TP600)
  9. Hot Tub Risk Assessment for Curlew
  10. Nearest Doctor, Dentist, Hospital A&E, Emergency Numbers
  11. Use of TV & Blu-Ray DVD Player & PVR.
  12. Nearest Shops and Supermarkets
  13. Nearest Post Office, Bank, Cash Machine
  14. Nearest Pubs & Restaurants
  15. Fire Risk Assessment for Curlew, Cleveland Drive, Bigbury on Sea, Devon TQ7 4AY
  16. Operation of bi-fold doors & window locks
  17. Curlew Central Heating Controls
  18. Information on how to reach Curlew by public transport
  19. Information on the flora & fauna to be found in the locality & on the site itself.

1. Welcome

We are very pleased to welcome you to our second new house in Bigbury on Sea, sister to Avocet next door, and hope you will enjoy your stay. We have produced this folder to give you some helpful hints on the running of this property.

A further Information Pack is located on the counter and gives a wealth of information on local things to do, suggested walks, activities and places to visit. We would encourage our guests to dip in and use any information which may be helpful.

Most important house information:

Curlew has connection to the Internet via WiFi…the Password is:    curlew2012

Curlew has a BT phone line:  01548 810856.  We do not charge for calls but ask that you do not abuse that fact.  If you do need to make an expensive call, then we would be grateful if you could leave something to cover the cost, in the telephone money box provided next to the phone.

Curlew has a Burglar alarm which can be used. The control box is next to the front door. If you wish to make use of it then the code can be obtained from our Property Manager but since Bigbury on Sea is a very low crime area, it is unlikely to be needed on a day to day basis when the house is in occupation.

Curlew is also pleased to offer guests the use of an outdoor Hot tub. Instructions for the use of, & safety points, are located next to the Hot Tub. Separate blue or grey towels for use only in the Hot Tub are available in the wardrobes in each bedroom. Please take great care if you use this facility and ensure no glass is used near it. Perspex glassware/plates/bowls are available in the dining room sideboard for outdoor eating & drinking.

Curlew is a ‘green’ house. We would urge you to consider the environment as you enjoy its’ benefits and take care to follow our lead on recycling and so on.

We generate electricity via the PV panels on the roof, we heat the house and the hot water via an air source heat pump and separate solar panels on the roof, & we harvest all the rainwater for use on the property.

We have produced a weekly itinerary for your use if you so desire, utilising as many of the local facilities as possible, particularly the fact that Bigbury on Sea lies along the South West Coastal Path.

We have provided a selection of books and dvds and games for your enjoyment. Please feel free to make use of them. The bottom drawer of the sideboard in the dining room has been allocated for children’s pens, books, & general craft materials. Please restock it if things run out!

2.  Important Household Information for Curlew – Keys & Disposal of Rubbish

Keys:     There is a key lock outside the front door containing the front door and side gate keys.   The code will have been given to guests.  A further front door key is available on a hook inside the front door together with a lounge side door key & a key for the two back doors in Beds 1 & 2. Please return the keys to these positions on departure. The other key lock outside by the side gate is for the use of the gardener & Hot Tub maintenance guys.

The side gate gives access to the back garden. There is a wooden shed located on this side path which contains a few beach toys and spare charcoal for the BBQ. Feel free to use the toys, but please store all beach toys inside this shed, in order to keep the house free of sand.  A hose is provided close by to wash sand from toys and feet! Please restock with more charcoal when you leave for the next guests. Seat pads for patio chairs are located here – please put away after use to keep them dry

Disposal of Rubbish:      Curlew is making use of the South Hams District Council Trade Waste service since this is the only service which will collect weekly.  All rubbish must be put in bags and then placed in the green bin provided, which will be collected on a Tuesday early morning. Please make sure the green bin is up near the road on a Tuesday. There is a public glass recycling facility in the bottom Beach Car Park for dropping off any glass.   During your stay, please store bags of rubbish in the rubbish store at the front of the house, or in the green bin, as the sea gulls are a nuisance. Do not feed the sea gulls under any circumstances.The nearest public recycling centres are located at Ivybridge or Tor Quarry outside Kingsbridge….details attached.

Other matters:

The mains water stop cock is located behind the tumble drier in the kitchen. Gently move the drier out and the stop cock will be immediately obvious. A further stop cock is located out in the road at the junction with Parker Rd. Please contact the Household Manager if there are any problems.

The heating thermostats can be found on the wall in each room. The hot water is all automatically controlled. We have installed a large hot water tank which is heated by air source heat pump and solar panels. However there is a finite volume of hot water. Should the hot water run out please be aware that it will take at least 3 hours to reheat. There is also a booster electric immersion switch.

Smoking is not allowed inside the property. Please do not abuse this.

Please ensure the property is vacated by 10am on the morning of departure to ensure adequate time for the cleaning of the property for the next guests, & keys returned to original positions.

Where guests have booked to stay for more than 1 week, the option of having a new set of linen & a mid-stay clean is offered. Please contact our Property Manager if this is required.  If guests would like a mid week clean & fresh linen, this can be arranged in the same way, but it is not covered by the rental & must be paid for separately.  Again, Pebbles are happy to offer many other facilities to guests. Please contact them separately; contact details on next page.

3.  General Household information

We have tried to make everything run for you as smoothly as possible. If you have any problems then please contact our Property Manager Deborah Carson at Pebbles of Salcombe, Island Street, Salcombe TQ8 8DP. Contact number 01548 843680 or email:  The office is open 6 days/wk:  8.30am – 5.30pm. Emergency/Out of Hours: 07816 921710 24hrs/365days/yr.  Pebbles are happy to offer many services to our guests including catering or babysitting or travel arrangements etc. Please contact them if you would like to use their services.  

We are happy to offer guests the use of an Outdoor Hot Tub.   Instructions for the safe use of the Hot Tubcan be found on the fence behind the Hot Tub as well as elsewhere in this Information Book. However please note that any use of the Hot tub is at the Guest’s own risk.  

The laminated sheet placed beside this book outlines a continual issue with the safe use of this hot tub.   Guests must shower before entering the tub to ensure the bromine levels are maintained throughout the week and no sand is carried into the tub.  

Should the level of water become too low the hot tub will stop filtering the water, and should be refilled from the mains water tap located behind the tub…there is a hose attached.  Please do not use the recycled water to fill the Hot Tub.   Blue or grey towels for use outside with the Hot Tub are located in the cupboards in the bedrooms. 

Operating instruction books/manuals for the various appliances are held in a folder in the kitchen – lower drawer under the cutlery drawers. Please make use of these as some of the appliances are hard to use the first time. Instructions for audio visual equipment are held close to the relevant item.

In the event of personal injury, there is a First Aid Kit on the wall in the kitchen by the door. This folder also contains information of local doctor, dentist, A&E etc.

The technical side of the house is designed to run automatically from the Plant Room downstairs which is locked. The fuse box is located above the table in the Hall if there is a minor problem with power. Otherwise please contact our Property Manager as above.

Please be aware that gardeners may be in the property cutting the grass and keeping the garden tidy.

Please ensure you unscramble the key lock code for the box on the outside wall after use so Curlew remains secure. Please return other keys to the original locations on departure.

The Travel cot is stored downstairs in the cupboard under the stairs.  The High Chair is stored in the Hall cupboard. Please wipe clean and return after use. No linen is provided for the cot.

The beds are made up with seasonal adjusted duvets. If additional bedding is required, the alternative duvets can be found in the bedroom cupboards or in the divan drawers under the mattresses.

The Basin plugs all operate on a push system to open and release the water.

Family Games, Books and Dvds for the use of guests are located on the TV unit under the TV and in the bookcase in the living room.

Torches for use in a power cut (or for walking outside at night – there are no street lamps in Bigbury on Sea!) may be found in the cupboard under the sink in the Kitchen.

Since Curlew does not have a Post Box, all post is delivered to Avocet, next door. If you require anything to be delivered by Royal Mail, please contact our Property Manager at Pebbles to arrange this.

4.  Green Issues

The South Hams is a rich natural area with 130 sq miles designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. It has 62 miles of coastal path and 16 miles of beaches within the area; 30 miles of coast are owned by the National Trust and 47 miles are designated as Heritage Coast.  It thus seems incumbent on us as house owners to encourage our guests to both support local initiatives and businesses as well as make every effort to enjoy the wide diversity of the area whilst staying within.

The following are a small attempt to add our bit to protecting this important environment.

Please keep room thermostats turned to 20C or below. The double glazing and underfloor heating ensure Curlew remains a very warm house throughout the year.

Please only use towel heaters in the bathrooms when necessary and remember to turn thermostats down/off when towels have dried.

Please use the 30C or Quick Wash cycles on the washing machine as much as possible.

Please dry clothes on the drying racks provided rather than in the tumble dryer. Racks may be taken outside in good weather.

We would also encourage our guests to make use of the local shops and farmers markets when shopping and to purchase locally produced products as much as possible.

We would encourage guests to make use of the local restaurants, particularly those using local food and drink.

If the weather allows, do spend time walking some of the local routes or visiting local nature reserves, or experiencing some of the other areas by bicycle. We have included details of as many local pursuits as possible. Please tell us in the Visitor Book any things you have particularly enjoyed so that other guests may also experience some of these. If anything does not live up to expectations, please make a note for us so that we can keep it all updated. As owners, we have made use of the Internet extensively in order to supply all the details for guests, and need to know if anything is not as indicated.

5.  Use of Outdoor Hot Tub

Curlew is happy to be able to offer to guests the use of an outdoor Hot Tub and would assure all guests that the maximum effort has been taken to ensure the safe operation of this facility. We would request that guests read the separate Instruction Sheet ‘IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR SAFE USE OF THE HOT TUB’ prior to using the Hot Tub for the first time.

A Hot Tub Kit Box is located in the top cupboard in the kitchen over the tumble drier. This contains test strips & additional bromine tablets.

A Risk Assessment has been undertaken, a copy of which is filed with this sheet.

A notice has also been put together itemising particular Do’s & Don’t’s related to the safe use of the Jacuzzi. A copy of this notice is attached to the fence behind the Hot Tub and another copy is also filed here.

A ‘How to Use the controls’ notice to help those who are unfamiliar with the use of a Hot Tub, and this model in particular, is also attached to the fence behind the Hot Tub.

The owners have taken every step to reduce the Risks associated with the Hot Tub but wish to point out that they take no responsibility for the safety of guests who use the Hot Tub.

Please abide by the precautions so that everyone can enjoy this lovely facility without harm.



We seek to provide a high quality safety regime for guests to enjoy the Hot Tub.  The Hot Tub is professionally serviced prior to each booking & left ready for the safe use & enjoyment of guests. The water is changed and chemicals added and a weeks’ supply of bromine tablets are in the chemical feeder, so the Hot Tub is ready for use once it has reached the required temperature.

All use of the Hot Tub is at guests’ own risk.  The Owners of Avocet & Agents wish to inform guests that they accept no liability, loss, damage or expense, including, without limitation, solicitor fees and cost of litigation, resulting from any Hot Tub accidents or incidents occurring at the property during a guests’ stay.

The Hot Tub is simple to use but we have some Do’s & Don’ts that need to be followed to help make it a safe experience for all. These instructions are listed separately on a sheet in the Information Folder & on a notice beside the Hot Tub, and must be followed at all times.

We occasionally find that some guests appear to be failing to shower before using the Tub, particularly after returning from the beach, with the following repercussions:

  1.  Sun tan lotion previously used on the body, and any other chemicals in products used on the skin, react against the bromine levels in the Hot Tub.
  2. Large amounts of sand clog up the seals of the pumps.

These 2 factors can eventually cause the bromine levels to drop too low during the week, making the Hot Tub less safe for guests to use.

Following the new Health & Safety rules, we have placed a Hot Tub Kit Box containing Tester strips & additional bromine tablets on a high shelf in the Utility Room cupboard nearest the Side door.

Guests can test the water by using one of the Tester strips. The Hot Tub has an inbuilt chemical system which is designed to last the whole week so it should not be necessary to add more chemicals, except in very occasional circumstances where the Hot tub has been heavily used.

Instructions for testing & adding bromine if required can be found in the Hot Tub Kit box previously referred to. Should this be necessary then put 1 tablet into the Frog feeder in the Hot Tub.

The Owners –  March 2020

7.  Do’s & Don’ts for Safe use of Jacuzzi/Hot Tub

  1.      In order to maintain the purity of the water, all guests must shower before using the hot tub both to remove body creams or products &/or sand from  the skin.
  2.      It is vital that no sand from the beach enters the hot tub as this will clog the filters, which will in turn affect the water quality.
  3.      No running near the hot tub
  4.      Two people to fully remove hot tub cover using lifting mechanism provided
  5.      No alcohol or drugs
  6.      No glass in or around the hot tub
  7.      No smoking
  8.      No pregnant women to use the hot tub
  9.      All children to be supervised by adults – no children to use the hot tub on their own
  10. Keep noise to a minimum especially at night
  11. Always replace the hot tub cover after use to prevent contamination of the water by sea gulls or other animals
  12. No shampoo or bubble bath to be added or mixed to the hot tub
  13. No electrical devices to be used near the hot tub
  14. Do not stay in the hot tub for prolonged periods of time or use it if under medical supervision

All use of the Hot Tub is at guests’ own risk.

8. Hot Tub Controls (TP600)

Temperature Adjustment

The temperature for the spa has been pre set if you feel it is too hot or too cold use the up and down heat buttons to increase or decrease the temperature

Press the Warm Button once and the current Set Temperature will begin to flash on the LCD. (The Set Temperature and the actual water temperature are often different.) While the numbers are flashing, press the Warm/Cool Button again to change the Set Temperature. 

After the new Set Temperature stops flashing, in about 10 seconds, the actual temperature is displayed again and the new Set Temperature is programmed. The spa will now heat to the new Set Temperature as needed.

Massage Buttons

There are two massage buttons. The top button turns the Jets on. The lower button turns on the blower, which blows bubbles up through the water. Note if left on these buttons will automatically turn themselves off after 15 minutes, just press button again if required


The light button turns on a light inside the Hot Tub. This is really only effective in the late evening or at night

Flip (Invert Display)

TP600 has a dedicated FLIP button, which allows the user to flip the display with a single button-press, so that it can be read from inside or outside the Hot Tub

9. Hot Tub Risk Assessment for Curlew

  1. Identification of risks associated with the use of the Hot Tub
    1. General Safety Potential Risks – these are all covered in the laminated notice attached to the fence behind the Hot Tub entitled “Do’s & Don’t’s for Safe Use of Jacuzzi/Hot Tub”. A further copy is available for inspection in the Information Folder for Guests provided on arrival & another copy is attached to this Risk Assessment.
    2. Access to Hot Tub A clear pathway has been built enabling easy access to the Hot Tub – this must be maintained by guests. Good lighting has been provided to enable easy access to the Hot Tub in the evening. Trip hazards have been assessed – no hazards are evident. Separate steps have been provided to ease access into the Hot Tub.
    3. Children The use of the Hot Tub by children on their own is not allowed. Children must always be accompanied by adults in the Hot Tub.
    4. Drowning All users of the Hot Tub must be confident in the water.
    5. Electrical Shock No electrical devices must be used in or near the Hot Tub.
    6. Glass No glass may be used in or near the Hot Tub.
    7. Hot Tub Cover The Cover must be fully removed by 2 people before use & replaced at end of use.
    8. Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking These are all banned from the Hot Tub.
    9. Water Borne Diseases There is possible contamination from other Hot Tub users or other water sources. A full regular regime is in place for monitoring & disinfecting the Hot Tub.
    10. Pregnant Women It is not advised that pregnant women should use the Hot Tub.
    11. Hypothermia It is advised that guests should not stay in the Hot Tub for prolonged periods of time.
    12. Allergic Reaction to Chemicals It is advised that medical attention should be sought at once         .
    13. Never Mix Chemicals Together Never add or mix shampoo or bubble bath into the Hot Tub as this will result in the Hot Tub being shut down & drained.

Please note that these risks are outlined for the benefit of guests who may want to use the Hot Tub as guidelines only, and the owners will not be held liable for any injury, death or damage caused by or to Hot Tub users

2. Details of Regular Maintenance and Water Quality Monitoring Regime

  • 2.1 Identify responsible and competent person with adequate knowledge to undertake disinfection, maintenance & monitoring.

The following regime is being undertaken by Kevin & Caroline Bowen of Hot Tub Spares & Repairs based in Plymouth.

Please report any problems first to the Property Manager at Pebbles of Salcombe whose contact details are in the Information Folder.

  • 2.2 Details of Weekly Monitoring Regime

In order to avoid risks to guests using the Hot Tub, the Hot Tub is subject to a rigorous regime of maintenance on each changeover day, Friday.

The Hot Tub is drained and the shell cleaned; all water is removed by wet vac from the Hot Tub & all pipe work.

The automatic chemical feeder is refilled and the Hot tub is refilled with water, so it is available for use by guests soon after arrival.

The chemical levels are tested and any necessary chemicals are added so that the Hot Tub is set for use for the week.

The Hot Tub filters are also cleaned out on a regular basis on changeover day.

The Hot Tub is tested & checked on changeover day.

  • 2.3 Details of Daily Monitoring Regime

To ensure the Hot Tub remains safe for guests to use during the week, a Hot Tub Monitoring Kit has been set up in the Kitchen cupboard, out of reach of children.

Guests are given a sheet entitled ‘Important Notice for Safe Use of Hot Tub’ on arrival which gives instructions on the safe use of the Hot Tub and suggests guests carry out testing with the Monitoring Kit daily to ensure the purity of the water.

Instructions on the use of the Testing strips and the adding of any chemicals if required, are included in the Monitoring Kit alongside spare bromine tablets.

A service record is filled in whenever the Hot Tub is subject to any maintenance procedure.

The Owners & the Hot Tub Maintenance Supplier will not be held liable for any injury, illness or death which occurs as a result of using the Hot Tub.

Reviewed & Amended    01.04.20

10. Nearest Doctor, Dentist, Hospital A&E, Emergency Numbers

In an emergency, call 999:      Address of property: Curlew, Cleveland Drive, Bigbury on Sea, Devon TQ7 4AY. Tel: 01548 810856

OS Grid reference:      SX 65217 44433

Location of nearest public phones:     By Beach Car Park.

Property Manager:     Deborah Carson of Pebbles of Salcombe.        Tel: 01548 843680 8.30am-5.30pm                 Emergencies out of hours: 07816 921710 24hrs/365days/yr         email:

Rental Agency:            Toad Hall Cottages, Kingsbridge              Tel: 01548 202020                    Email:

Local Doctor:                Modbury Health Centre,  Poundwell Meadow,  Modbury,  PL21 0QL  Tel: 01548 830666             Opening Hours: 8.30am – 5pm. Lunch 1 – 2pm.

Local Dentist:               David Robinson(Smiles in Devon), Modbury Dental Surgery,  4 Broad St,  Modbury,  PL21 0PS               Tel: 01548 830811

Local Hospital A&E:    Derriford Hospital, Derriford Road, Crownhill, Plymouth PL6 8DH               Tel: 0845 155 8155

Local Chemist:             Modbury Pharmacy, 5 Broad Street, Modbury, PL21 0PS     Tel:  01548 830215 Also several in Kingsbridge; Leywood Johns Ltd  Tel: 01548 856588 or Co-op Pharmacy   Tel: 01548 857158

Local Police station:   Kingsbridge Police Station, Fore St, Kingsbridge TQ7 1AS Tel: 08452 777444,   Emergencies 999,   Non emergencies 101

Local Taxi firm:            Bigbury on sea Taxis   Tel: 01752 696969

Local Bus service:        Bus 875 leaves Bus stop at Bottom of Parker Rd, Bigbury on Sea Fridays 9.30am. Arrives Modbury 10.19am & Plymouth 10.49am. Departs Plymouth 13.30pm. Arrives Modbury 14.02pm & Bigbury on Sea 14.52pm.

Local Tourist Information Centre:               Kingsbridge Information Centre, The Quay, Kingsbridge   Tel: 01548 853195   email:                                                      Modbury Information Centre, 32 Church St, Modbury   Tel: 01548 830159

In the event of a Fire, please follow the Fire Evacuation Procedure on the wall beside the kitchen door. This is also where the Fire Blanket & Fire Extinguisher are located.

11, Use of TV & Blu-Ray DVD Player & PVR.

  1. Turn on TV with LG remote red button 
  2. To select service required press input button on LG remote
    1. Select Antenna to watch TV Channels
    1. Select HDMI 1 for DVD player (located inside left hand side of TV cabinet stand). Control DVD player using Sony remote.
    1. Select HDMI 2 for BT Youview (PVR Personal Video Recorder). Control the PVR using BT remote.
  3. DVD Player –
  • Insert disc to play and control DVD with Sony remote.
  • PVR Youview –
    • Turn on the system using BT remote.
    • Select the Input List and choose HDM2.
    • The TV can be watched through the BT PVR – Youview. Using the BT remote, press the Guide button to select.
    • The PVR can also be used to record programmes to be watched later.
    • In addition it is possible to scroll back one week through the guide and pick up programmes through ‘Catch up’ TV. (Select programmes and press Play.)
  • Other Services
    • Other Services such as the Internet, Netflix, Catch up TV etc. can be accessed by selecting ‘home’ on the LG remote.
    • The services available are listed at the bottom of the screen and can be selected using the LG remote

12.  Nearest Shops and Supermarkets

Nearest shops

Turtle Farm Produce, Bowling Green Cross. (Up by the Golf Club) Sells meat, veg, cakes, eggs etc. Summer Opening: Wed – Sat 10 – 6pm. Tel:  01548 810923

Holywell Stores & St Ann’s Chapel Post Office, St Ann’s Chapel.  Tel: 01548 810308  Opening hours:  7am – 6pm Mon – Sat (July/August 7-8pm). Sun 8am – 5pm. Post Office Mon – Fri 9am-1pm. This is a really good local store which stocks local meat & dairy products, local wines, local cheeses and many more fine foods as well as the usual newspapers and everyday items. Cash machine available. They will deliver too.

Papers and other goods can be purchased on foot from the shop down in Challaborough Bay from March through to the end of Oct. It makes a nice stroll in the morning. Go down the path at the end of Ringmore Drive and the shop is on the far side on the right.

Larger supermarkets

Co-op in Modbury, Morrisons in Kingsbridge & Totnes, Tesco in Ivybridge (Lee Mill) & Kingsbridge, & Sainsburys in Newton Abbot, Dartmouth & Plymouth. Nearest Waitrose in Saltash, just over the bridge in Plymouth or Torquay direction.

Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose will deliver food ordered on-line to Curlew.

Also note The Local Food Company has the Countryman’s Choice Farm Shop, Cadleigh Park, Ivybridge and sources all local Devon foods. It will deliver on-line orders too. 01752 895533 or email: 

Modbury has a good selection of shops selling local produce as does Kingsbridge too.

Farmers markets are held in Kingsbridge, Dartmouth & Totnes. Please see attached information sheet for details.

12.  Nearest Shops and Supermarkets

Nearest shops

Turtle Farm Produce, Bowling Green Cross. (Up by the Golf Club) Sells meat, veg, cakes, eggs etc. Summer Opening: Wed – Sat 10 – 6pm. Tel:  01548 810923

Holywell Stores & St Ann’s Chapel Post Office, St Ann’s Chapel.  Tel: 01548 810308  Opening hours:  7am – 6pm Mon – Sat (July/August 7-8pm). Sun 8am – 5pm. Post Office Mon – Fri 9am-1pm. This is a really good local store which stocks local meat & dairy products, local wines, local cheeses and many more fine foods as well as the usual newspapers and everyday items. Cash machine available. They will deliver too.

Papers and other goods can be purchased on foot from the shop down in Challaborough Bay from March through to the end of Oct. It makes a nice stroll in the morning. Go down the path at the end of Ringmore Drive and the shop is on the far side on the right.

Larger supermarkets

Co-op in Modbury, Morrisons in Kingsbridge & Totnes, Tesco in Ivybridge (Lee Mill) & Kingsbridge, & Sainsburys in Newton Abbot, Dartmouth & Plymouth. Nearest Waitrose in Saltash, just over the bridge in Plymouth or Torquay direction.

Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose will deliver food ordered on-line to Curlew.

Also note The Local Food Company has the Countryman’s Choice Farm Shop, Cadleigh Park, Ivybridge and sources all local Devon foods. It will deliver on-line orders too. 01752 895533 or email: 

Modbury has a good selection of shops selling local produce as does Kingsbridge too.

Farmers markets are held in Kingsbridge, Dartmouth & Totnes. Please see attached information sheet for details.

13.  Nearest Post Office, Bank, Cash Machine

Nearest Post Office:       Holywell Stores & Post Office, St Ann’s Chapel.      Tel: 01548 810308        Opening hours: 9.00am –  1pm Mon – Fri.

Nearest Bank:          Modbury – Lloyds TSB;        Ivybridge – Nat West, Halifax, Lloyds TSB, Barclays;   Kingsbridge – Lloyds TSB, Santander, Nat West, HSBC.

Nearest Cash Machine:        Holywell Stores & PO, St Ann’s Chapel.                               Opening Hours:   7am – 6pm Mon – Sat (July/August 7am – 8pm);  Sun:  7.30am – 5pm.

Nearest Butcher:     Aune Valley Meat Ltd, Rake Farm, Kingsbridge 01548 550413.     Also Morrisons, Lidstones, Maunder Lloyd Ltd in Kingsbridge.     Aune Valley & Wilkinson in Modbury.

Nearest Garage for petrol:    California Cross Service Station or  Shell Garage on A38 by South Brent.                                         Morrisons, Kingsbridge or  Kingsbridge Service Station.

Nearest Newsagent:    Challaborough Bay shop by foot. Holywell Stores & PO by car.

Nearest Take-Away:    Venus Beach Cafe, Bigbury on Sea.  Open 10am – 6pm.

Nearest Clothes Shop:    Kingsbridge:   Cherry Cherry Boutique         or Modbury:   May Michele Ann

Nearest Shoe Shop:        Kingsbridge:  Herring Shoes, Milburns         or Ivybridge:   Footnote, Cobblers

Nearest Cinema:              Kingsbridge:     The Reel Cinema, Fore Street.  01548 856636   or                   Dartmouth:       The Flavel   01803 839530

Nearest Theatre:            Theatre Royal, Royal Parade, Plymouth   01752 668282     or                                    The Barbican Theatre, Castle Street, Plymouth   01752 267131

Local Radio station:        Heart Devon on 100 – 102 MHz. This station has replaced the former South Hams Radio.

14.   Nearest Pubs & Restaurants


The closest pub in walking distance when the tide is out, or accessed by the tractor when the tide is in, is the 14th century Pilchard Inn on Burgh Island. Tel: 01548 810514 It has an extensive menu of locally sourced produce.

Most of the other local pubs require a short car journey: the 16th century Pickwick Inn at St Ann’s Chapel  Tel: 01548 810310 is the closest,  the 13th century Journey’s End in Ringmore Tel: 01548 810205 can be accessed on foot via the cliff path or by car, the 16th century Dolphin Inn in Kingston Tel: 01548 810314, the 14th century Sloop Inn in Bantham  Tel: 01548 560489, the 14th century California Country Inn in California Cross Tel: 01548 821449.  Please ring to find out the current menus etc. They each pride themselves on using fresh locally sourced produce and are excellent.

Restaurants and other Places to Eat

The Burgh Island Hotel Restaurant on the Island is open to non-residents each evening for their black tie dinner and for lunch on Sundays. It has achieved a Gold standard in the Green Tourism Scheme. Please phone to book  01548 810514.

The Venus Cafe on the back of the beach will also provide food for the evenings in the summer on a takeaway basis. It is open every day 10-5pm but extends opening to 9-6pm in July & August and later if the weather permits. The Venus group has also gained a Gold award from the Green Tourism Scheme and sets out to be an environmentally friendly cafe using top quality locally sourced food. Tel: 01548 810141

The Oyster Shack located on the Tidal Road to Aveton Gifford is also to be recommended.  Tel: 01548 810876 It offers locally caught seafood and fish transformed into a varied menu and was voted into the Top 3 Best Devon Restaurant in the Devon Life magazine 2010.

Further afield

There are several good locally sourced eating places in both Modbury and in Kingsbridge. Modbury has the White Hart Hotel, the Exeter Inn and a local Wine bar, Bistro 35, while Kingsbridge has The Crabshell Inn, The Cricket Inn and The Old Bakery to name but a few. Salcombe also has a good range of eateries as does Dartmouth too.

15.  Fire Risk Assessment for Curlew, Cleveland Drive, Bigbury on Sea, Devon TQ7 4AY

  1. Identification of Fire Hazards & Fire Risks.
    1. Sources of ignition.

Heating:     Underfloor heating is provided by air source heat pump.  Hot water is provided by air source heat pump & solar panels on roof.   Complete System installed in 2013 according to all Building Regulations & N.H.B.C.         Annual inspection & service in future.   

Smoking:    There is a strict ‘no smoking’ policy in the property, reinforced by letting agency and also in Guests Information Pack.

Electrical Wiring:   Curlew is a new-build house completed in 2013 so all electrical systems are brand new & compliant with all Building Regulations & passed by relevant authorities (N.I.C.E.I.C.). Fuse boards are located in the Plant Room on the Lower floor .

Large Electrical appliances:   Built in double oven & ceramic hob with extractor fan over, fridge/freezer, dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer are situated in the kitchen area.  Most purchased in 2013, the others have passed PAT tests.  Instruction manuals are in Information folder in kitchen.   Cleaned weekly on Friday changeover day.   Annual inspection in future.

Small electrical appliances:   Kettle, toaster, hand held mixer, food processor, iron are located in kitchen area, hairdryer in three bedrooms.   All purchased new in 2013. PAT testing annually thereafter. 

Lamps:   Located in Living room and Lower floor bedrooms all purchased new in 2013. PAT testing annually thereafter.

Lighted mirrors:   Located in all en suite bathrooms & Ground floor cloakroom. All purchased new in 2013.   Annual checks.

Ceiling & Wall Lights:  All rooms.  Low energy LED bulbs used throughout the house. Inspected annually.

TV’s:   Located in Living Room & Downstairs Bedrooms 1&2. These were purchased new in 2013. Annual PAT inspection.

Radio/CD  Player/Ipod dock:  Located in Kitchen/Dining Area & purchased new 2013.

DVD/iPOD dock/Home Cinema system:   Purchased 2013. Inspected annually thereafter.

  1.   Fuel present

Structure:   Rendered concrete with solid cavity insulation & thermal block external walls with timber framed slate roof. Internal walls of plasterboard on timber (insulated stud) or block walls. Double glazed aluminium window frames throughout.

Furniture:   All upholstered furniture is new in 2013 and complies with fire standards and has fire retardant fillings.

Bedding & Bed linen:    All mattresses & pillows made of fire retardant material. Smoking is not permitted in the house.

Towels & Bath mats:   Again, smoking is not permitted in the house.

Garbage:    All rubbish is stored outside in bins provided by SHDC or in recycling bags stored outside by bins, and removed from property at regular intervals.

Cleaning materials:    A limited supply is provided for guests to use, but this is kept stored away from ignition sources.

  1. Activities that might cause a fire

Risks & Precautions to remove risks:

Cooking – Do not leave cooking equipment unattended when in use

Overheating cables & equipment if equipment is left on   eg. Kettles, Irons, Toasters – Close all doors, windows & other openings not required for ventilation, ensure electric sockets are not overloaded

Accumulation of combustible materials next to heat sources  eg. Oven, Hob – Ensure all combustible materials are stored properly & are separate from ignition sources

Flammable cleaning agents left next to ignition sources – Ensure all stored properly

Check all appliances are turned off when not in use

  • Identification of People at Risk
    • Number of guests

The house can accommodate up to 8 guests plus a baby in a cot. It is likely some of these guests could be children or elderly people. The Ground floor cloakroom has been designed for wheelchair use (as all new build houses are required) and there is a ramp up to the front door. The Lower bedrooms and en suite bathrooms can also be accessed via the lower patio but there are stairs down to this area. It is therefore not possible that the house might be used by guests in wheelchairs or other less mobile guests. Since the house is newly built, the structures & materials used are of the safest modern design.

Particular guests at risk:

Guests not yet familiar with the property

Sleeping guests

Guests with disabilities


  • Number of staff/employees

There are no employees.    Employees of Service Providers who attend frequently, and Contractors, who may have occasional access to the building in order to perform work, are also at risk and are considered when completing this assessment.

  • Evaluation of Risks
    • Means of Escape

The property is a 2 storey detached house with 4 double bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, Living Room/ Kitchen/Dining Room, Separate Ground floor cloakroom, plus locked Plant Room not accessible to guests.

Main Exits (4): The property has one exit through the front door, which opens inwards and leads onto the front entrance & parking area, a 2nd exit though the side door from the Lounge leading onto stairs down to the rear patio, a 3rd exit through the downstairs Bedroom 1 leading onto the rear patio area, a 4th exit through the downstairs Bedroom 2 leading onto the rear patio. Each of these exits should always be kept clear and free from obstruction. The front door and other doors are lockable and keys to them are given to guests on arrival on a key rack inside the front door, whilst also being retained by the cleaning contractor. All other doors are internal and can be opened from the inside easily.

No Emergency Fire Escapes are required to be provided; all doors are self closing and of the required fire resistance, as outlined in the current Fire Regulations.

  • Fire Alarms & Fire Detection

The Visitor’s Information Book contains contact details of the emergency services

The house has a fire detector in each habitable room, plant room and kitchen as required. These are tested regularly.

  • Fire Safety Equipment

Avocet has a fire extinguisher and a fire blanket in the Kitchen between the cooking area and Front door.

  • Escape lighting

Torches are to hand in the cupboard under the kitchen sink for use in an emergency.

  • Evacuation procedure

         In the event of a fire:

The smoke or heat detectors in the area will be activated.

If you discover a fire, raise the alarm, leave the property immediately and proceed to the assembly point in the road immediately to the front of the house.

The primary escape routes for guests are through the front door to the road or through the side Lounge door, down the side stairs & round to the road in front of the property.

Fire doors are fitted to all rooms off hallways. Please close the door of your room and any other door you may use.

Don’t run

  • Record of Inspections & Review

19.07.13   Initial Fire Risk Assessment

01.04.20   Review of Fire Risk Assessment

       During 2020   Review all Action items at given dates

  • Review & Revise the Risk Assessment

By April 2021   Review this Fire Risk Assessment      Amend as required to current circumstances

16.  Operation of bi-fold doors & window locks

Instructions for the use of the doors can be found on the wall next to them. The instructions for the windows are on the wall next to the dining room windows.

Bi-fold doors

Unlock opening door using key located on key rack beside front door. Gently turn (to release the lock)and pull handle outwards making use of extra D handle above and then push the whole door towards the relevant end wall making sure curtains are out of the way.

To close, pull back into normal position making sure opening door is securely locked and return key to hook in hall on leaving property.

Window locks

You will notice that the windows only open to a certain point and are then locked in place to deter unauthorised access. To release the locks and either open them fully or close the window, please push the lock bar at the bottom downwards and then the window will close.

There is no need to lock the windows when closed although there are keys in some of the windows. The same key fits all window locks.

17. Curlew Central Heating Controls

In each room (except for the bathrooms & WC) you will find a room thermostat which can be turned up or down to the desired room temperature.

Please note that the house is heated by under floor heating.  Unlike radiators, the change is not instant, and needs a couple of hours to adjust.  Ideally they should stay set to around 18ºC – 21ºC.

Overnight the system turns down each room by 4ºC (from the reading on the room thermostat), and then reverts to normal operation in the morning. ‘Night set-back’ is automatic, and requires no user intervention. This is to maintain a comfortable temperature in the house, and helps to run the heat pump more efficiently.

The domestic hot water program is pre-set, and cannot be changed.  This is heated via the Solar Thermal Panels, and backed up by the heat pump on bad weather days.

18.  Information on how to reach Curlew by public transport

The nearest train stations to Bigbury on Sea are at Ivybridge (5miles) and at Totnes (13miles)

Most main line trains stop at Totnes .

Ivybridge can be reached by a local train from Newton Abbot or Totnes. The trains then go to Plymouth & some down into Cornwall.

There is a taxi rank outside Totnes Station and taxis can be ordered from Ivybridge station.

Useful numbers:

Totnes;   07435 786542; Badger Cabs 01803 840400

Ivybridge; 01752 696969

The nearest airport to Bigbury on Sea is Exeter Airport (33miles) from which flights go to numerous destinations.

Taxis are available to Bigbury on Sea from Exeter Airport:

Exeter Air Taxi Service (Onward Travel Solutions Ltd) 01392 762085 or  ; Exeter Airport Taxis 01395 234100 or email:  enquiries@exeter  ;

The local bus service provides a bus once a week on Friday mornings into Modbury and then on to Plymouth, returning in the afternoon.

19.  Information on the flora & fauna to be found in the locality & on the site itself.

Avocet & Curlew were originally part of a larger site encompassing several of the surrounding properties, the main house actually being sited where Avocet now stands.

Obviously Avocet& Curlew have been recently constructed and much of the garden has been affected by the building work. However care was taken to retain the original swathe of mature shrubs located towards the lower part of the original garden, as these provide shelter and support for many insect species etc and are a pleasant break in the garden view.

Much of the lower side planting areas were filled by dead wood and these have been stripped back to encourage growth, and new species have been planted, with particular care to use plants that can withstand the enormous on-shore winds that can occur on this stretch of the south west coastline. These winds have caused many of the existing trees and shrubs in the area to be bent over.

Since Bigbury on Sea suffers from exposure and contains many very windswept positions, there are not many trees around the area. Planting has concentrated on those species that can adapt to this sort of onslaught, including the Cupressus Macrocarpa tree, an evergreen that grows fast and tends to become flat topped and irregular in strong winds. There are several examples of this tree in the locality. The Tamarisk tree can also be seen in the area since it can withstand coastal exposure; there is a small one at the end of the belt of shrubs in the back garden of Avocet. Further information about native tree planting in the area can be found on .

Bigbury on Sea also experiences a form of micro-climate that causes it to nourish many flowering plants that would otherwise not survive in the windswept marine climate, where the planting areas are sheltered from the strong winds. This can be seen when you walk along any of the roads forming part of the village. The well known plant, Sea Thrift, is also seen growing wild along sunny pathways.

The houses have been named after well known coastal birds, the Avocet & Curlew, which can be found on mud flats & salt marshes in several parts of the surrounding area. Other birds which can be seen locally include the Kingfisher & Bittern as well as the usual garden birds, Tits, Sparrows, etc. The website of the Devon Wildlife Trust is very helpful in detailing the various species found locally.

Guests may also refer to the information contained on the website for the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty which cover a large part of the South Hams area of Devon.

Again guests may also like to refer to the information contained on the website for the SW Coastal Path which covers the areas surrounding Bigbury on Sea.

Finally, mention needs to be made of the long running association of Bigbury on Sea with the pilchard industry. The huer’s hut on the top of Burgh Island was the place where the lookouts watched for the large pilchard shoals to pass. When sighted they raised a hue & cry to warn the local fishermen to go out to bring in the catch. The fish were then processed in a building which stood near the current Beach Car Park and the newly built Burgh Island Causeway Apartments.